The Anatomy of the Hive

In getting to the basics we have two things to understand first, the Bees and the Hive.
Both are required and both need to be understood. If you want to care for Bees, you must
have a clear understanding of their habitat and their environment to survive.

We're starting with a short history of the hive on the Podcast Ep 2 and will be giving some
easy to understand information to help you decide what avenue you can do to save our Bees.

The DIY section of this site has photos and diagrams for your reference during the podcast.
Feel free to print any photos or diagrams to help you on your new adventure and email me with
any questions or comments you feel may give you a good start to your Beekeeping endeavor.

We will be discussing the Langstroth Hive, the Warre hive, and the Top Bar Hive. Each is great
in it's own right and you will be using whichever hive works best for you. I personally use 8
frame Langstroth Hives because they don't get too heavy for me to work with by myself and they
are readily available.


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