Why Me, You, Us?

When I really sat down to think about my "why",  I had to examine every angle of my journey to ensure my actions were sincerely motivated and not chatter for the world to read.

Time is precious and very little is left with our busyness in life. We are often too tired to act even after we listen, watch or read something inspiring us to make change happen.  So, with all sincerity, I want to share this journey with all of you. Even if they're baby steps I want us to move forward and make an impact by virtually "joining minds" in action to truly offer our entire planet love and care thereby saving ourselves by doing simple things to at least start. The Bees do more than feed my belly. They feed my spirit and soul. I love watching their interaction and role clarity in and out of the hive.

I understand we cannot all have Bees, (my dream come true), but we can do good things to protect and even rescue our ecosystem and assist our pollinators on their quest to make that beautiful elixir and heal our bodies, heart and mind. It doesn't have to be hard and it really is fun! I will be posting some great projects even our children can do to play a vital role in positively impacting our planet and saving our Bees.

One major takeaway I have from my Honey Bees is how important each and every Bee is to the success and survival of the hive. No function is more important than the other and they operate in a very democratic manner in all areas of their lives.  You matter too! What you have to offer is equally as important as what I can offer no matter how big or small, we all matter and we all really need each other.

Thank you for being! Thank you for your energy and thank you for YOU!!!

Let's move forward together. Let's be the change we want to see.

I want to hear from you. Your thoughts, ideas, and what you've done with Bees or want to do with Bees. Email me or subscribe so we can keep the conversation going.



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