Getting things in order.

While preparing the outline for my next podcast episode, I found myself having a little bit of a pity party followed by anger, resolve and finally, determination. 

All of my Bees died this year.  I experienced my hives being raided and damaged by bears early in the Fall.

The emotion the loss generated was much more than I anticipated or imagined could occur by caring for such tiny creatures. Rather than brushing off and making a plan, I grew very sad. These honeybees and I had a relationship. Authentic care and concern, even love.

One hive in particular was an absolute delight to work with. Every time I would work on or inspect the hive BMH2, two ladies would fly in front of my face, buzzing, buzzing  buzzing, giving me the lecture. I could feel her finger wagging saying "you listen here Missy........" for several yards after leaving the Apiary. Ensuring the well being of her colony back in the hive was her role so we had several "meetings" the remainder of the summer and early fall. They're all gone forever. I am truly saddened. Feeling a true heartfelt loss, no different than any other pet I have ever owned; my heart hurt!

Fed up with my little pity party I transitioned to anger. I was livid and wanted to eradicate every bear in the state of Washington. I blamed them 100% for my loss and felt they had to pay for their wrongdoing. How dare they attack my hives and destroy so much brood and steal their winter's honey. This caused the loss of so many bees. There simply weren't enough bees left behind to survive. How dare they? It wasn't the bears fault at all. It was mine. I  put the bees in the bears winter habitat. I didn't believe that many bears would ever be around. The anger I directed at the bears came back to me. I had to come to terms with it and own it. I was completely distracted and non productive. I had to get myself together. I had to BREATHE.

I sat in my favorite chair, no sound, no distractions. I collected myself, looked outside the window watching the silence surrounding the hives and listened to the voices in my head repeating the "advice" of others.  "That was awfully expensive to lose so many.", "You should consider abandoning the idea and find something you like that actually makes you money. " Blah! Blah! Blah! Voices. Outsiders who feel they're helping you move on to something better. Process, assess, BREATHE!

Self talk and self encouragement came so calmly. I asked myself why I got started with the Bees in the first place. The answer was LOVE! Love for my farm, family, friends and community. Love for nature's beauty and love for our planet. BEE LOVE; resilient and driven, loyal, responsible and protective, never giving up on each other. I had to focus, start again and make adjustments.. Breathe!
I had to make a plan. Learn from the bees and make it happen. 

And now...I am progressing. My intentions are clearly written down and today I start again. Bees never quit. They literally stay focused on their roles and transitions into other roles as they mature. They don't abandon their colony, they thrive because they stick together They produce, pollinate, and preserve the human race with their contribution to our entire planet.

They never Quit!
 Nor will I

Tomorrow is a new day for all of us. Breathe!

  • Breathe
  • Meditate
  • Observe/Reflect
  • Assess
  • Set intentions. 
  • Make a plan. 
  • Write it down. 
  • Now DO IT!
We have so much we can do together to make positive change. We are all the pollinators have in their world to protect and preserve them and ultimately save ourselves. Their survival or demise is solely in our hands. So here I go. Onward! I hope you all join me. 

Let's move forward together and watch our world explode in magnificent color.  I love you all. 


Patti 🐝


  1. I am so sorry for your loss. I believe in you. Don't give up. My daughter wants to know if you will be putting up an electric fence, but I am wondering if the electromagnetic fields affect the bees.

  2. I am not putting up an electric fence. I am planning on building a Slovenian Beehive House. We have moved them closer to the house where the bears do not frequent.

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