Let Me Introduce You. My Gratitude.

Hi there!

I am excited to share my gratitude for Kevin and Amanda Mills at Hive 5 Bees  for their kindness and for Kevin's willingness to check on my hives and help me understand how to manage them. Kevin is the official "Bee Man" in our family. He sold me my very first Nucs (Nucleus) and was readily available to talk to me any time I had a question or concern.

Kevin Mills is approaching 18 years of Beekeeping experience. He began at the age of 13 and ended up being mentored by some of the largest commercial beekeepers in Canada. He has commented before regarding the need for bees, "the demand for bees on the west coast blew me away" so here he is, locally filling an urgent need in our community.

Kevin operates bees commercially but started out as a teenager working with bees. His knowledge is well executed. Kevin mentors and has taught new beekeepers the basics of beekeeping.  Kevin is striving to meet the high demand for bees and has so much knowledge to share and share he will right here on the podcast Honey Bee My Teacher. He is going to help us understand his business and discuss more about the honeybee which will be the next step toward building your colony.

He and his wife Amanda own Mills Diner in Rochester Washington where I have made my home. Their quaint restaurant always offers great food accompanied by one or often both of them greeting and chatting with all their guests. I always have a bee question for him and he has always given me the best answer. Kevin is also quite a singer.  Go to the link: Kevin Mills Music and check out more about Kevin and his music venture.

In the meantime, while we are setting a date to visit with Kevin on Episode 3 The Honeybee, Click on the links in the text and enjoy the pics of the Mills family and their family business.

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