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It’s 1 AM and here I am thinking about my bees.

The single hive we thought was thriving has failed to thrive. So, we rebuild. Just as the honeybee would rebuild its home I will rebuild my little group of hives all over again, again,  again, and again. Whatever it takes is whatever I will do.

With April comes beautiful spring flowers and beehives available for purchase so I will be buying them and setting up my hives anticipating a much better year than last year.

It’s been a crazy year! An amazing nectar flow followed by a wonderful honey yield only to end in devastation caused by bears attacking the hives three days in a row. This was not a standalone issue. Health issues, mental health, and a lack of self-confidence wormed it’s way in resulting in our own demise.

The end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019 has appeared to deliver some form of loss. These losses can be perceived as setbacks or an opportunity to exercise the same resilience and just rebuild. Rebuild stronger and more efficiently. Determination and passion for something you love entirely will be driving force. I have found the honeybees to be everything behind the fire in my belly to promote their sustainability. I owe them that. 

I keep reflecting on the honeybee. Aside from its tremendous resilience and ability to rebuild is its absolute dependence on community and working collectively as a group in order to thrive.

A hive without a queen dies due to lack of brood being developed as a result of the queen laying eggs all day or it splits apart and finds another hive. The queen without a hive dies due to her intense need to be fed and kept cared for while she lays her eggs.

If you think about it and really look at it, the hive is called a super organism because of its entire dependence on each and every bee doing it’s job to make sure the hive is thriving and prospering. It can rebuild over and over again, and will ultimately find a safe place to be healthy or will eventually collapse.

Did you hear that? A safe place. Environment is key. As with all other organisms, even ourselves as humans need a safe place or we die. We find ourselves scurrying around looking for new options or busyness to fill our time while we slowly die because we are isolating ourselves from others in our community or family circles. We polarize and we collapse. We need each other and we need to love the planet together to stop dying. 

Our survival depends on our observation, reflection, exercise of accountability and the ability to change. We need to be adaptable and find our safe places to build community creating overlapping circles which In time will overlap and protect us all.

Stop for moment and take care of yourself, of each other. We need each other. Our lives depend on it!


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