DIY Series Part Two - Materials Setup Management

DIY Series - Episode #2

The Materials
The Setup
Managing Your Hive

Materials, Setup, and Management

Thank you Jay Fratt and Smokin Js for making this podcast more than just a dream.
I'm Patti Haines and I welcome you to Honey Bee My Teacher, a podcast for everyday people wanting to make a positive impact on our planet through stewardship of our great pollinators.

In DIY Episode 1 we covered Bees and Hives.
Today we want to make sure you have the basic tools to manage your hive without breaking the bank. Again, I don’t want you to be intimidated by beekeeping. It's manageable and very fulfilling so let's get started.

Your tools are so important for ease of management. Keep it basic and don't overspend. There are lots of fun tools and gadgets out there; and eventually you may want them, but for now we want to keep it simple.

Management includes hive setup, bee placement, sugar syrup, pollen patties if necessary, and frame inspections.  This podcast covers it all.  Good luck in beginning your Do It Yourself adventure in beekeeping.

The episode ends with great questions about setting up bee hives and general bee queries.

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