Eyes Wide Open - Roles and Relationships for the Hive

Sometimes when it rains it pours. This is a season in my life where it seems to be pouring more than normal. Between bears, freezing temperatures, and shortened supplies of bees most people would be inclined to give up but seasons change and so do the events that occur in each new season.

I am absolutely positive my less than ideal season has come to an end. It's been a doozy for sure. Losing my Bees, one of my Spring lambs didn't make it, my dear dog Baby Girl had to be put down and now a divorce. Sucks, huh?! I have hope though. I am seeing things with my eyes wide open. The honeybee always knows her and his roles to perpetuate the growth and safety of the hive so I have had to define myself after some serious self examination and apply all I have learned from this precious creature to know my role and execute it.

When I say eyes wide open, I am saying the world is so much clearer to me now. It's like waking up from a long nap to a beautiful sunny afternoon showering you with warmth and quiet contentment. It costs nothing to feel that feeling Mother Nature gives you, and your mind is open to new thoughts and feelings. The honeybees know this. They leave the hive when its a beautiful 50 degree day to enjoy the warmth of nature. They dance, they communicate, they set their intentions and execute their roles with joy and determination to better the super-organism they truly are.

I am awake! I know what role I have for now until it is time to change just like the bees do as they age in the colony. I want to keep talking about the honeybee, and other pollinators so we can manage them better.  Even learn techniques to manage ourselves better. The parallels are in plain sight for us to learn and even apply.  We need to be the super-organism to effectively make the needed changes to save us all.

My role for now is advocacy both in voice and in practice. This requires a serious assessment of what is required to be authentic and effective.  I hate hypocrisy so I am embarking on my own path to providing the best environment for our pollinators and to make more space for more bees, and all the flowers and food they need to populate and pollinate.

The honeybee is the master at working in their role as it progresses in the hive. They don't complain and they don't waste time. They move forward always. The honeybee never gives up. Neither will I.


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