Children to Mentor All Generations Sustain Bees



EP-005 Honey Bee My Teacher Podcast
Hosted by Patti Haines
Produced by Jay Fratt

On this special episode Patti ventures out of the studio to create a wonderful set of interviews.

What do our children know and think about bees.  This very special episode of the Honey Bee My Teacher podcast brings our future bee stewards to the microphone.  Two children ages 10 and 5 are interviewed about their thoughts on bees.

Finally at the heart of beekeeping and Patti's progression is a sit down interview with her mentor Kevin Mills.  He owns High 5 Bees.  The interview takes place at his other business Mills Diner in Rochester Washington.

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Intro and Outro Music Credit: Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0"


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