Preparing for Winter and Planning



EP-006 Honey Bee My Teacher Podcast
Hosted by Patti Haines
Produced by Jay Fratt

Patti is back in studio to share her passion and adventures in beekeeping.  From Varroa mites to cautionary tales of drift, Patti shares her do's and don'ts regarding the Fall season peparing her beehives for the coming winter.

Enjoy the great information and Patti's charming personality.  Stick around for a question and answer session at the end of the pod.

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Intro and Outro Music Credit: Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0"


  1. I wonder about the receipt for doing "sugar bred", you talk about that in your pod...

    Then I also want to share my idea about a Excel spreadsheet that I speak in facts about all the hives during the watch. It's ready to do and you get a really good history about every bee hive. Ready to check up why the hive going bad or good. It's a little funny when you speak in, not all the words be correct... But at least you can understand! Here you can see what I mean. In Swedish...!ApxPv_RMuhnflMM7M2VA_M5EfpvtWw

    Har delats från Excel för Android


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